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About Us

Established in 2012 as a dynamic business unit under the umbrella of Chemillennium International Incorporated, with a primary focus on creating value through the provision of high-quality generic drugs, we have successfully established ourselves as a key contributor to the healthcare landscape in Hong Kong.

Our Journey

Over a decade of dedicated service and continuous growth, today, we proudly stand as Chemill Pharma Ltd., an independent entity committed to supplying top-tier generic drugs to local hospitals, ensuring access to essential healthcare solutions for the community.

Expanding Horizons

In 2022, recognizing the evolving needs of our community, we introduced Chemill ValueLIFE – our consumer healthcare division. This strategic move allows us to extend our commitment beyond hospitals and into the retail market, bringing the same dedication to quality and excellence to the broader public.

Flagship Product: VirX Anti-viral Nasal Spray

At Chemill ValueLIFE, we take pride in our hero product, the VirX Anti-viral Nasal Spray. Well-known and trusted among local residents, this innovative solution reflects our dedication to providing effective and accessible healthcare options to enhance the well-being of our community.


With over 50+ products, we’re aligned with over 50 partners globally, most of whom are internationally renowned

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With over 100+ supply agreements in place, and even more in the pipeline, we’re creating solutions for problems of the future.

Chemill Pharma
Chemill Pharma

We Provide Unmatched solutions

We discover solutions and are unconventional in our approach to fulfilling our mission. We do everything needed to reduce drug costs and make the quality of Life possible.

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Our capabilities are developed to deliver on our commitment to our market and empower our supply partners to effectively commercialize their products in our markets.

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